Why should I have a website at all?

               Great question! We are currently living in age where everyone is online, purchasing everything from clothing to food to making reservations to buying tickets to an event. These things are being done from a variety of devices as well, my site designs are able to be customized to serve any and all platforms. You explain what you want to achieve and I will bring it to life.

Aren’t websites expensive to have?

               Another great question. There is a lot of misconception about having a website and cost is one of them. I am sure there are companies out there making their sole living by selling webspace and the upkeep on them. I am not one of those folks, I do this simply because I so thoroughly enjoy doing it. I am not expecting make my sole living off the income from designing websites. My costs are extremely on the lower end because of my sheer enjoyment of it. Tell me what you want, and I will give you a price quote and you will be amazed.

What if I change my mind after you design the website, or I need to take it down because of my life changing?

               This is not anything difficult, you tell me you don’t want your site online anymore and I shall deactivate it, that simple. No further maintenance, upkeep or billing will occur for your site. It will just simply be gone, and I will delete all the “behind the scenes” information related to your site.

Are you able to make “last minute” changes to my site?

               99% of the time the answer is YES, if it is urgent I can usually get it done within the hour, the only thing that would affect this on my end would be if I was in a location that did not have internet, those are few and far between.

Are you going to hound me about my website or payment?

               Not unless you want me to 😉 Once your site is fully up and operational it will be up to YOU to monitor it, and make sure it is serving the purpose you intended and contact me with any changes you want to make. As far as payment goes, I always request payment in advance when building your site from scratch. We can then negotiate payment schedule that works best for you.

Will my site be secure?

               Absolutely, the server I use uses the latest technology to make sure all their sites are secure, always! You will see the “S” at the beginning of your site address, this indicates that your site is secure with the latest technology.

I hope this has helped clear up a few questions you may have had. If not, just drop me a line anytime and I can answer any questions you may have prior to making your decision about setting up a website.

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