Content, Content, Content

Food for thought when thinking about content for your new website….
When you’re creating a new website, the content (text, images, video, etc.) is the most important part. People visit your website for the content, not for the design or functionality.
People who visit your site are subconsciously asking themselves, “What’s in It for Me?” (WIIFM). Your content needs to answer this question repeatedly and in various ways.  This will change the way you describe your company, products, and services.
Review your current website and other marketing
If you already have a website or any other marketing (brochures, magazine ads, social media accounts, etc.), review these and ask two questions:
What has worked so far? What hasn’t worked so far?
Review competitors’ websites
Find 5 (or more) of your competitors’ websites, and/or websites that are like what you’re trying to create, compile a “wish list” of sorts for your site.
Have your designer or current site host provide you a report on analytics, actual stats on what areas people are most drawn to on your current site, or, if you’re creating a brand new site, ask your designer to send you monthly “Stats” on your site for you and your designer to review, see what is working and what isn’t working on your site.
For best results, work with professionals
Now that your document is full of ideas for your content, it’s time to refine it. Although you could do this yourself, it’s best to work with professionals who specialize in web content. Why?
  • They understand how to write concise, persuasive copy(text) that includes the right keywords (valuable for both visitors and search engine optimization, or SEO).
  • They understand how to use images and video effectively.
  • They understand how content will best fit within the structure of your website (for example, which content to use on which pages).