Ask Questions

There are a few simple questions to ask yourself when considering or updating your website.
1 – Is the content current? This is the most over looked website item on most websites. Without current information you will loose perspective customers.
2 – Is your email and phone number accurate? These are invaluable tools when it comes to online presence, your customers need a reliable way to make contact with you. Don’t let it be a dead-end 😉
3 – If you have pricing, is it accurate? You don’t want to loose money. Make it part of your weekly or even monthly routine to check your online price points.
4 – Are the links active? If you have links on your site that lead to other areas of your site are they “clickable” meaning when you click on them, do they do what you want.
There are many more items on websites that are equally important. Please contact me for more information or for pricing on starting up your own site or even updating your existing site.